Sales wisdom academy offers 2 solutions to improve your sales performance, face to face coaching or E coaching. I have spent 35 years training and coaching Sales People, including, Sales Managers and Sales Directors, with the objective of up grading our Great Sales Profession, and improving the lives of those I coach.
My approach is very Unique, no standard off the shelf training material. Today there are so many different BUZZ WORDS, Relationship selling, Solution selling, Value selling, Persuasion selling, Consultative selling, etc
The Bottom line, do your Sales People have TOTAL SALES DOMINATION, are they THE BEST OF THE BEST, if not why not. Our sales game is active, not passive, it is an enabler, a transformer.

Guy Daines

Specializes in Leadership, General management and SME Business Transformation , business repositioning, sales and sales management, social selling, financial management, Organizational Behavior, and Digital marketing.

Kyle Daines 
(Sales and Marketing Specialist)

Specializes in Organizational Behavior, integrated  marketing communication, sales and sales management, social selling, digital marketing, SME Business transformation

Face to face Sales Training/ coaching courses Targeted at Sales professional’s new to the sales game and seasoned Sales persons.

( Some examples of off the shelf training) 

  1. Sales Conversations that generate more sales- Sales Wisdom Accelerator One Day.
  2. Client Buying Behavior, understanding the new dynamics- Sales Wisdom Accelerator One Day.
  3. Maximizing B2B Sales 4 Step Plan- Sales Wisdom Accelerator One Day.

DO YOU WANT THIS FOR YOUR SALES PEOPLE, please email for the opportunity for us to engage in an initial one on one meeting to discuss your needs and requirements.


My Creed

I am a coach dedicated to coaching those who are in the sales profession, influencing the new and the old. I am forever conscious of each sales person I train and by example will inspire him/her to the highest sales standards possible. I will never forget that I am also a student of learning and will strive to ensure the highest possible levels of sales knowledge and integrity.
I look forward to meeting you.